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Diseño web Valencia

Every company wants (and needs) an online presence since that is where we go nowadays to search for everything we need. A company website is good way to introduce ourselves to potential customers, one that brings added value since it informs them of the company itself, our products and services, the team who makes it all happen, and a way for them to contact us.


A website can even be made into a sales channel in and of itself through various marketing actions. With your own website, we can build up trust with customers and add value to our company or brand. If you are thinking about creating a corporate website to have an online presence or do e-commerce, we can offer you our web design and programming services from here in Valencia.

At Kinovo, we are aware of these needs and follow the necessary guidelines for creating a website that best suits your business. Beginning with a thorough case study and a briefing with the client where we set out the goals we hope to achieve, we then draw up a content scheme to lay out the design of the website.

We seek to make websites that are equal parts stylish and functional, primed for converting. Our customers are our best introduction as professionals in web design and programming in Valencia.

What it comes down to is grabbing the user’s attention through a corporate website that features some well-polished texts and a visual language that connects with users. A corporate website is the showcase for any company, brand or business, which means its content and design must be part of a strategic decision that is closely tied to its business activity: it must transmit the same values, the same philosophy in pursuit of a clearly defined goal.

Reasons for having a corporate website

Here are just a few reasons you should have a company website for your business:

  1. To have an online presence and provide information.
  2. Raise your level of competitiveness.
  3. Reach new users who, were it not for the web, would be unlikely to learn about your business.
  4. Get leads. A corporate website can have a high return on investment.
  5. Improve the brand image of your business.

What features should a web page have?

  1. A design consistent with your company’s corporate identity
  2. Intuitive and easy-to-see menu to help users find what they need.
  3. Direct and visible calls-to-action that encourage users to interact with us and generate leads.
  4. Websites that are optimized for SEM campaigns.
  5. Attractive copy that highlights the most relevant information about the company
  6. Responsive design and programming adapted to all kinds of devices.
  7. Code optimized for loading time.
  8. On page SEO optimization to boost search engine ranking
  9. Connection with Analytics and other platforms such as email marketing for data collection and results interpretation.

Creating a powerful corporate website that conveys trust to users and helps you convert and retain customers, that’s our goal!


Whether you already have an online store or you are just looking for some experts in e-commerce design and programming in Valencia to help you create your own project, the team of professionals at Kinovo is at your disposal for developing, promoting and optimizing your online store.

The ultimate goal of e-commerce is to improve sales, and to do so it is vitally important to transmit trust, convenience and security to your customers. This is the key to increasing sales and boosting awareness of you and your brand image.

Diseño web Valencia

To carry out e-commerce, there has to be a media platform where your products or services can be purchased from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This also means that you will be able to reach a broader audience: both current and potential customers will get a detailed description of our product along with any other essential information.

Our online stores are coded in compliance with the website standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), making them visible and usable on any browser and designed to be responsive on any device.

Setting up an online store requires an e-commerce design that matches the needs of each company. Properly designed e-commerce entails getting intimate knowledge of your brand, its philosophy and values, the audience you are targeting and the final sales goal.

Diseño web Valencia

At Kinovo, we work on both the Front End, that is, the visible part users interact with, as well as the control panel (CMS), where the company can manage items, purchases and order shipments in an intuitive way. We use software like Prestashop and Woocommerce, which can be used to manage an online store with no need for vast computer experience, thus making it easier to deal with clients directly with no intermediaries. You can update, delete or post images, texts, products, shopping carts, etc.

And in order to make your e-commerce purchases 100% secure, and thus build trust with your customers, we advise you on how to configure the payment gateways so as to make them as secure and convenient as possible. This makes updating your e-commerce fast, safe and immediate.

Whether you’re starting up a new e-commerce project or just want to update the one you already have, our team will help you grow your business online and achieve your goals. Contact us!

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