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To get a good return on your company’s investment on the web, it’s not enough to just ‘be’ on the various social networks and update the content of your website every so often. A proper digital marketing strategy goes much further. It is about laying out a roadmap that will guide us toward set targets and grow the business on the various digital platforms. 

At Kinovo, we’ll come up with a digital marketing strategy for your company that your employees will be able to implement into their work systems. Whether your project is a new idea or you’re looking to restructure your digital strategy, or maybe you just need some outside help to optimize your results using what you already have, we’ll provide you the keys to getting it done.

You can request an overall digital marketing strategy or a strategy for just one particular service that you wish to improve or start up from scratch.

  1. SEO Strategy: optimizing your presence on various search engines is crucial to getting greater visibility and more people to find you, and especially your target audience and potential customers. Appearing at the top of the search results is key, and this is where our work on your SEO strategy comes into play.
  2. SEM Strategy: we determine which payment tools will help boost the visibility of our website and thus increase traffic to it: ads on other sites related to our activity, display campaigns, etc.
  3. Social Media Strategy: We figure out which social networks best suit your company, we draw up a content plan, design your digital brand image and define the necessary Ads campaigns, along with other actions. All with the final goal of making the most out of these key platforms in your digital marketing strategy.
  4. Email Marketing Strategy: this entails defining who your target audience is and what you want to communicate to them. To grab their attention and stay out of the ‘spam’ folder, we do a study of what offers will stick in their mind when they are thinking about options in whichever sector our business operates in: discounts, promotions, news, drawings, etc. and how often we will contact the user. All this, based on a prior study of our company and our competition.

In addition, if you need our services to launch your digital marketing strategy in Valencia or anywhere else, you might be interested in our DigiPack, in which we offer a comprehensive digital marketing service for your company or business. 

Contact us to get a strategy adapted to your needs!

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