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Diseño de packaging Valencia

A product’s packaging is the first impression a customer gets of the product, its business card in a way. Though the primary objective of packaging design is to protect and preserve the product during shipping and to provide users information in an attractive way, in recent years it has become an essential part of any marketing strategy.

What we consider to be packaging design goes well beyond just the box or outer shell; it also applies to the label design, which helps create our product’s image, and the bag design, which can convert a customer into our branding transmitter through this ‘walking advertising’. This involves creating bags with a dual function, for carrying our product around but also as a symbol of identity with which to publicize our brand.


  1. To effectively protect the product during transport.
  2. To serve as a marketing tool, for drawing potential customers through attractive design, thus providing added value.
  3. To inform clients about the product itself, as well as how the package should be handled.
  4. To follow a strategy in which our logo, a well-thought out color scheme, the design or a specific format will help the customer identify our product just by looking at the packaging. In this way, we manage to differentiate ourselves from our competition.
  5. To boost branding by spreading our brand values.
  6. Attract new consumers thanks to a carefully-studied packaging design. Always respectful of the brand’s image and essence, we seek to design the most attractive packaging possible.
  7. Selling our product before our competitors do: a powerful design of visual, functional and attractive packaging will help us do so.
Diseño de packaging Valencia

As specialists in packaging design in Valencia, we at Kinovo are aware of the importance of thoughtful packaging, one that is ecofriendly through the use of renewable, recyclable, useful and biodegradable products, while also appealing to the end user’s emotions and experiences. Always within the guidelines set by our customers, we assess various different aspects when designing packaging, such as target audience, distribution channels, product type and storage options, the company image, etc.

In addition, we work on the packaging design for e-commerce as well, an area in which the purchase is more immediate and much more visual, meaning the packaging design must be even more thoughtful: the online consumer buys the product that grabs their attention the most.

Packaging is the window connecting the consumer to the product, the first impression they get of it. Choosing the right packaging design can determine whether or not the customer decides on our product or competition’s.

We create the packaging that your product deserves. Write us!

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