Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a must-have if you want to increase your website’s visibility and boost its organic ranking in search engines.


The factors influencing a webpage’s rank in a search engine vary greatly although it is important to highlight its authority and relevance. Authority is your webpage’s popularity, which is a function of how often you have been linked to by another page, whether they be blogs, social networks or, for example, when you post in a forum or on other platforms.

Relevance is the relationship between the search being made the interested user and your website content. This type of SEO is known as SEO ON PAGE. For this type of SEO, the page must be fully optimized to the search engine’s requirements to ensure that it will track you and understand the content’s relationship to the user’s search.

The use of keywords, load time, URL optimization and coding are just some of the factors that must be taken into account. Other factors can influence this as well, such as the number and quality of links, their origin, a good structure and the website labeling.

This is crucial to getting Google to track us properly. All this results in improved performance in the search results, etc. Thanks to SEO, search engines like Google understand what your page offers and helps them determine the degree to which it matches the user’s search.



At Kinovo, we have a team of SEO professionals in Valencia who will study your case and customize your webpage to bring it into the top search results. To do so, we conduct an SEO web audit to verify that all the technical aspects are working properly and then we make sure the website meets the requirements for proper organic positioning. In addition and in parallel, we draw up a content plan to be followed on a weekly basis as part of your communication strategy.


Proper content creation is key to ensuring optimal positioning while also grabbing the interest of readers. Defining appropriate keywords, long tails (words with low traffic potential and little competition, thus making them easier to rank) and sector trends, together with an attractive trademark, is what you need to attract customers. Keep in mind that search engines increasingly prioritize quality and user experience. Creating optimal content for your website is essential.

To meet these needs, Inbound Marketing has come onto the scene relatively recently, a new marketing methodology that focuses on attracting qualified traffic, converting visitors into leads and building customer loyalty.

To achieve this, it establishes direct relationships with potential clients without being invasive, depending on their needs at any given moment with the use of quality content that we generate, for example, for our blog.

SEO is an ideal way of reaching your target audience through their searches and of trying to get your page to appear in the top results of Google searches. Of course, be aware that this is a long-term investment, but one that is effective over time. Contact Kinovo to ask about our plans and get started converting.

If you want to improve your organic ranking, contact us and we will explain how!

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