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Diseño editorial valencia
One of the options within graphic design is editorial design. Designing and composing publications such as newspapers, magazines, magazines or books, catalogues and reports, and any kind of paper or digital publication that informs others about your company, product or service.

As a major company in Valencia when it comes to editorial design in all its different formats and media, we at Kinovo understand the importance of defining the visuals and aesthetics that accompany your content and boosting its readability and comprehension.



Book design, for example, has certain prerequisites that differ from those for newspaper design. In the former case, we deal with composition, printing and binding (in physical format). In the latter case, we our approach to the product keeps in mind that newspapers provide a different kind of information, with varying relevance, importance and interest that must be visually recognizable at first glance. And that’s where design plays a key role.



Designing journals and magazines requires its own graphic style, one that gets adapted to its audience. For this reason, we work with the client on every last detail: from the logo – if it is a new publication – to the cover design, by way of the page layout, templates and color palettes. A process that gets reflected in the final art work to be printed or published online.

At Kinovo, we first get an in-depth understanding of the client's needs through a questionnaire or briefing and then determine what to communicate and how, as well as any material we have at our disposal for creating this publication, making sure to take everything into account from the initial rough draft stages to the creation of the final artwork.
Diseño editorial valencia

Who are we targeting, what image we want to transmit, how to deliver our message. We set out the project guidelines with the client so our team can best carry through on the creative and technical parts:

  1. Format: we work in digital or printed format, advising our clients on new trends, sizes and timely resolutions, as dictated by the project.
  2. Typography: we look for and select the most appropriate fonts, always taking into account the target audience, type of company, product or service, etc.
  3. Color palette: off the ideas put forth by the client in the briefing, we develop the publication’s main color palette. Colors play a decisive role in all editorial design, so finding the right color range for each project is fundamental.
  4. Layout: we design the various page compositions to be followed in the publication to ensure consistency and proper visual discourse.
  5. Finishing touches: for printed publications, we decide on paper types, grades, any special inks, binding type, etc.
  6. Graphical elements: the graphic style is defined with respect to all the other previously mentioned aspects so that everything has a consistent, attractive design. Tables, icons, infographics, illustrations, time-lines, etc.
  7. Final art: files for printing are prepared, guaranteeing correct results. In the case of editorial designs for digital format, these get exported with most suitable characteristics according to the needs and platforms for which the publication is meant.

Both for your company’s internal communication and to publicize your business or product, using the most attractive editorial design to transmit your corporate information is vital.

What editorial project do you have in mind? Tell us!

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