Advertising photography


If you need a photography service in Valencia or anywhere else, at Kinovo we can provide you professional services of all different kinds. We carry out projects using a carefully crafted art direction to create an image that will make your vision a reality, while adding value to your communication strategy.


Professional photos of your product will help you show off all its features in high quality and will capture the attention of users. At Kinovo, we study each product’s needs together with you in order to decide which platform to show them in (paper catalogue, online store, etc.) and we will advise you as to which style and props to use in your shooting session. Once the photo session is finished, we make the necessary adjustments and convert them into the format you need.


Interior design photography presents several different options. On the one hand, it helps you show off your physical business by making it into an added value of your company. This type of photography is very useful for presenting the world an inside look at your business, to be shown on various digital platforms or print applications.

Interior design photography also refers to products or services focused on interior design. Architecture and interior design studios, furniture, decoration, real estate agents, rental companies for tourism, the hotel and catering sector are just a few examples.

For the best result, at Kinovo we conduct a preliminary study of the space or product to be photographed, we find the most optimal time of day, we select the best angles and framing for the shot, as well as every last detail that might help us personalize the space and transmit its value on to the clients.


Freeze your event in time forever with professional photographs immortalizing every moment, every detail of it. We are aware that each event has its own characteristics and unique qualities, so at Kinovo we lend our experience at transmiting your brand values in each and every shot. To do this, we work alongside you to come up with a proposal that meets the needs and goals that you set from the beginning.


The effectiveness and success of your fashion advertising campaigns depends a great deal on the quality of your photography. Eye-catching images will grab the attention of your potential audience.

Designers, clothing and footwear companies, personal shoppers; these are just some of the profiles that partake of these services to show the world the values of their collections, the seasonal designs and outfits to be featured in their catalogue or social networks, etc.

You can request our fashion photography services for both outdoors shoots and in-studio photography, where we have everything you might need for any type of production and where we can recreate a wide variety settings according to your needs.

Fotografía Valencia Kinovo marketing digital


Today, 90% of all businesses have a presence on the various social networks. These are where our products, services, etc. get showcased to thousands of people anywhere on the planet.

This possibility gives your potential customers the opportunity to learn more about you, to buy your products or request your services and make them into loyal customers and followers of your business.

At Kinovo, we specialize in photography for social networks and the endless creative possibilities they offer. Just tell us what you want to show the world, and we’ll show you all the various options, always bearing in mind the requirements of each social network in terms of sizing, format, etc. Contact us and leverage your social networks with each post.


Showing the faces of those behind each company has become an almost indispensable requirement in any business with an online presence. Whether it be just the higher positions or the entire staff, the options are endless. And we aren’t just talking about serious and static corporate headshots, we’re also referring to letting loose with bolder photographs showing employees at work or on break, having coffee together, moments sharing a laugh, bonding, etc.

The goal is to put a face to the business in its own facilities, to humanize and personalize a brand. To do this, at Kinovo we analyze your company, the kind of business it does, how many employees it has, what its facilities are like, and we define along with you the kind of photography you would like to feature. From there, we shoot the session in the space we agree upon (which can be your facilities or, if you prefer, our professional studio), we choose the final photographs, we make the necessary adjustments and then prepare them in the different formats that you need.


If you are looking to photograph your products, do a fashion shoot, take some staff photos or something else entirely, at Kinovo we have a photography studio and a film set where you can do all kinds of photo shoots or audiovisual productions with natural light and a full range of professional lighting equipment. If your photographs require outdoor space, we will adapt to your needs through our state-of-the-art photography and lighting equipment.

Kinovo offers numerous possibilities in the field of photography for showing off the best side of your business. Contact us and request a price quote under no obligation.

Are you one of those who think that a picture is worth more a 1000 words? Contact us!

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